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  • Don’t let the weeds take over your lawn this year!  We have a customized spray schedule that will cover your lawn, making it thick and healthy.  See below for the schedule:

    January Pre-emerge weed control with spot spray
    March  Pre-emerge weed control with spot spray
    May Specialty time release fertilizer
    June Specialty time release fertilizer
    July Specialty time release fertilizer
    September Pre-emerge weed control (if not over seeding) or Ryegrass
    October Pre-emerge with control and spot spray


    The goal of this schedule is to create a lawn that is thick & healthy.  This schedule makes it difficult for competing weeds to grow and strengthens the lawn to be less susceptible to insect and disease problems. It consists of several pre-emergent herbicide applications and specialty fertilizer applications that will be unique to your lawn. The pre-emerge herbicide will "pre" vent the "emergence" of weed seeds that are the main culprit of the onslaught on annual weeds that result in your lawn every year.
    The specialty fertilizer applications at the right time will give your lawn the green, healthy look you desire along with the proper watering schedule that we prescribe.

    There are a few perennial weeds that may need to be dealt with outside of the "schedule" by killing them with a post-emergent herbicide. Then the pre-emerge program will help control the perennial weeds that start from returning seeds. The most common perennial weed are dandelion, clover, wild onions, nut sedges (nut grass), and dallisgrass.